How do I get stuff done? Well, it requires a lot of help.


For all things UI. Made even better by crowdsourced plugins.

Some of my favorites are Zeplin & Symbol and Artboard Organizer.

For prototyping, testing with users, and previewing designs.

Export designs from Sketch for redline handoff to dev.

For user testing. Good price, gets the job done.

Staying in touch with the team.

For interaction design. Easy to test ideas.

While I find Adobe harder to learn and use, it is essential.


iOS mobile UI patterns, with option to filter by category.

Typography resources: trends, pairings, recommendations, blog.

Crowdsourced repository of icons.

Scanned pages of trademarks and symbols.

A free resource library for product designers.


Writings on ux and product design by a digital product leader.

Lots of articles and topics about UX.

Articles exploring the design, dev, and meaning of web content.

We all have to make personas: get photos here.

List of good UX designers and links to their portfolios.

Psychological principles that relate to UX/UI design.


Ryan Putnam designs an icon set.

Aaron Draplin takes on a logo design challenge.


Tons of free web resources for design, dev, marketing, etc.

Generates dummy text to the size that you need.

Play around with front-end code; good for interaction design ideas.