Chelsea Officer

is a designer & maker specializing in product strategy, UX, and UI.

Currently, VP of Product at AIQ. Formerly, Director of Product at Dispense, UX at Sense and co-founder at Wrkflows.

Chelsea Officer

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Cannabis eCommerce and dispensary management software.

Date: 2020 - Feb 2024
Role: Director of Product

Dispense is cannabis ecommerce and dispensary management software. I developed the initial branding, creative direction, and product design before joining full time to guide the product strategy and roadmap.

Dispense was acquired by Alpine IQ.

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Translating confusing energy data into something that's digestible and actionable for the average homeowner.

Date: Sep 2017 - Oct 2021
Role: Product, UI, UX

I was the sole designer at Sense, doing all things UX / UI for its data-rich apps on all platforms, including mobile and web. Sense installs in your home's electrical panel and provides insight into your energy use; helping homeowners manage and understand their energy use will collectively slow climate change.

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Keeping your customers engaged and in the loop.

Date: 2017 - Oct 2021
Role: Co-founder / product

Wrkflows allows you to document your app with help articles, publish them to a knowledge base, and use tours to guide your users through features contextually. Use the in-app searchable widget to help users within your app.

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Making nightlife simple.

Date: 2018 - current
Role: Creative direction & design &

I do contract work for Tablelist, including the redesign and rebrand of the TablelistPro app, redesign and development of the TabelistPro marketing site, creative direction for the Tablelist consumer marketing site and web app, and various other marketing creative.

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